CellAegis devices

Q. What happens if the RIC/Sham RIC device fails?

A. Please contact the CTU at ericppci@LSHTM.ac.uk if your device is not working properly. If an error message is shown please consult the manual which is provided with the device.

In addition, each centre will be provided with a manual sphygmomanometer and this can be used as a replacement.

Q. How long does the battery last in the machine?

A. The devices should be placed in the charging cradles when not in use, however there is sufficient charge in the devices for three back to back interventions.

A manual BP machine will be provided in case the automatic device runs out of batteries or there are 2 patients randomised to the same treatment allocation at the same time.

Q. Is there any way of knowing if the device is not working properly or has not completed the intervention?

A. Yes, it will bleep to indicate an error. Please consult the manual to identify the error.

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